What Would You Most Like to Know? ǀ Rainwerks Blog

What do you not know that – if only you did – would tremendously affect the success of your consulting or coaching business over the next few years?

Such knowledge would be profoundly valuable, wouldn’t it?

If only you knew, you could confidently decide to focus time and money on some actions and not others. You could achieve bigger payoffs with much less risk.

Profoundly Valuable Knowledge in Your Business

I suspect that, for most of us, the list of things we wish we knew is long. Given a little time to reflect on it, though, we could probably define a crucial few.

Suggested questions to help you with the discovery process:

  1. What are the three most profoundly valuable pieces of information you could wish for right now for your business?
    You might make a longer list and prioritize three, based on what outcomes the knowledge would make possible.  For example, you want might to know how to find your ideal market and package your services for maximum appeal.
  2. If you absolutely had to know those pieces of info, could you obtain them? Or at least obtain an approximate, good-enough answer?
  3. Could you break what you need to know into smaller questions or pieces of information?
  4. Who, inside or outside your team, might have the missing knowledge? Could you ask them, or have someone else ask?
  5. Might some or all of the knowledge exist in your business’s data? What about online?
  6. Could you buy the information?
  7. When you’ve obtained whatever information you can, can you involve others in interpreting what it means and forming your decision options?

I’ve known a handful of people who seem to continuously think about and search for answers to the “crucial few” gaps they’ve identified. I myself have to pause now and then to focus on it. A quest for profoundly valuable knowledge spurred two exciting initiatives for me in the past year, and kept me from investing time and money in a third that looked much less promising after investigation.

I hope this line of thought will likewise prove useful to you.

Bob Sherlock

P.S. Helping people discover the ideal market for their consultancy or business coaching practices is the purpose for Rainwerks’ upcoming group training program Packaged to Prosper (SM). For more information, click here.

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