What Do Your Peers Charge?

The more you can differentiate yourself from others who do what you do, the less you need to charge what everyone else charges. That said, it’s often useful (and reassuring) when you can get a good sense of other people’s fees for similar work.

“Well, wouldn’t that be nice!” you may be thinking. “But how can I find out how my peers price their services? I don’t know many people who do what I do.”

Developing that peer pricing information is the focus of a new Rainwerks project being led by Kelly Hassman, an experienced consultant based near Chicago.

Kelly took Rainwerks’ Pricing to Prosper program in 2014. She learned a lot from the program—and highly recommends it to other consultants and coaches—yet saw a still-unmet need.

“It’d be really useful to know what your peers are charging,” she said. “So I offered to develop a fees benchmarking program for Rainwerks. They said yes, and now I’m off and running!”

Our next step is “test” the market to verify that there is a need for this type of service. To do this, we need your help. Interested in completing our brief survey? Please email us at info@rainwerks.com.

We’ll compile results and will let you know where we go from here.

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