The “Easy” Reach

As a young climber in the Alps for the first time, I was puzzled to find thick nylon ropes attached to the rock along certain popular routes. I was told that the local mountain guides had affixed them to make it faster and safer to get their clients up and down the cliffs.

As an American accustomed to cliffs in New England where I’d never seen a fixed rope, I found their presence in the Alps disorienting—and really tempting when the going got tough. If the natural holds on the cliff were tiny or scant, it was tempting to just reach over and grab the fixed rope. It looked so easy!

My buddy and I resisted the temptation. Not that we wouldn’t have used the fixed ropes in an emergency, but we took a little pride in climbing the old-fashioned way.

We learned soon of another reason to forsake the fixed ropes. We were having beers with other climbers one evening, and heard about a seasoned climber who fell to his death when the fixed rope he was relying on broke.

There’s an analogy here for independent consultants and entrepreneurs. What seems like the safe and easy choice (e.g. going back to working for a well-established organization) isn’t always so safe. What you’re doing in launching or maintaining your independent business is not easy, and often scary. But working for big companies has its risks, too. Many secure-seeming jobs are one restructuring, merger or acquisition away from elimination.

Since you can diversify your client base, you actually have the opportunity for a safer stream of income than if you worked full-time for a single organization.

You can grow your income stream faster and with more diversification with the right tools and coaching. Our Packaged to Prosper program helps consultants and business coaches identify what makes them special, crisply define the valuable services they provide, and find the clients that most need their services. We invite you to access our free video, 3 Strategies for Finding Your Ideal Market. It’s drawn from the lessons of the Packaged to Prosper program.

If you’re determined to grow your business, and not grab for the apparent easy security of a corporate job, don’t give up!

Bob Sherlock

Posted in Find The Right Clients

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