Don’t be a Chameleon

“I’ve never seen a chameleon. Good job, chameleons.”                          @donni

As a consultant or business coach, you would never intentionally blend into the background blur of images and information passing by your prospects. But are you doing that inadvertently?

When You Need More Opportunities

It can be quite difficult to develop a steady stream of business without finding a sweet spot – providing clients something they perceive they need and will pay for, that you’re skilled in and love doing. Without a clear and simple definition of where you fit and why you’re valuable, it’s tough to build word of mouth and referrals, and even harder to proactively market yourself.

You may be held back by not knowing:

  • Which market(s) would be most promising
  • Which of the services and solutions you could offer would help clients solve their pressing challenges
  • Who the most promising prospects are
  • How to position yourself and tell a clear, compelling value story

You can discover a space in the market that works for you! You can define and adapt the services you offer to fit what a big enough stream of clients will pay you well to do. You can also avoid the chameleon trick, and stand out in prospects and clients’ minds.

In Rainwerks’ Packaged to Prosper program, we’ll work on three decisions that define your strategy “sweet spot”:

  1. The client types you serve
  2. The services and solutions you provide
  3. Your business model (how you deliver those services and make money)

… and we’ll develop a positioning and messaging that makes you stand out in your marketplace.

To learn more about Rainwerks’ Packaged to Prosper program, visit

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