A Cure for Overthinking

“Nation’s Overthinkers Convene To Determine What That’s Supposed To Mean”

The Onion

Sure, there’s much to think about when starting a knowledge-based solopreneur business, or adjusting course for your existing business. But a simple question can move you a long way toward developing a successful strategy—without overthinking it.

Who has a thorny problem you are well suited to solve?

Grab pen and paper or your favorite electronic device, and break that question down:

The Problem

Describe the nature of the problem, and note the consequences if it goes unsolved.


Define who has that problem. Assuming it’s an organization, list the people or job roles affected by that problem. Now note who would be in a position to bring you in to help them solve it.


Outline your solution, how it resolves the problem, and why engaging you would be a great choice.

Your answer to “Who has a thorny problem you are well suited to solve?” will provide you the focus and messaging for your marketing and business development. If enough people/organizations have that problem and see you as a great solution partner, your life as a solopreneur can be very good indeed.

Want some guidance in defining your strategy and preparing to do business? Check out Rainwerks programs Start Me Up! and Packaged to Prosper.

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