Unpacking Your Services

“Nobody walks by Mountain Crossings without stopping. The combination hostel and gear store and hiker aid station sits quite literally on the Appalachian Trail. Each year, up to 2,000 thru-hikers drop in. Some just pause to grab spare batteries and a Clif Bar. Many linger for a hot shower and a soft bunk. Others have no choice but to stop.

“Christine Serafin was one of the latter… on a raw morning last March, she limped into Mountain Crossings with a bum knee and an uncertain future. The would-be AT thru-hiker had just completed her first 30.6 miles–only 2,144 to go– and didn’t know if she could go on. One in six thru-hikers make it no farther, and Serafin feared her dream would end here, too… Winton Porter, proprietor and unofficial A.T. guru at Mountain Crossings, needed only one look to know that she was primed for the Mountain Crossings signature service: the Shakedown.”

Jim Gorman, Backpacker Magazine

“The Shakedown” pairs hikers with a staff expert who goes through their backpacks and helps them eliminate 10, 20, or even more pounds of excess weight. As a result, hikers vastly improve their chances of completing the Appalachian Trail—and enjoying it.

This valuable service is still free if you visit Mountain Crossings at the Georgia end of the A.T.

Here’s the exciting thing though: the store found a revenue opportunity by offering The Virtual Shakedown to hikers worldwide. An experienced staff member will spend up to four hours with you on a Google Hangout going through your gear and finding ways to eliminate unneeded items or substitute lighter ones. The charge is $100, which is rebated if you buy gear or supplies from them.

Mountain Crossings found a way to bring value to thousands of clients who’ll never walk through the door.

What service might you unpack from your usual services bundle that can extend your reach, and build your revenue?

What potentially valuable service are you providing prospects and clients, but not charging for?

What can you help your clients accomplish?

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