Freedom From Fear

“Poor kids have nothing to lose and nowhere to go but up.”

Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank, on why she loves backing entrepreneurs who grew up poor

I remember how it used to feel

Riding down old Two Mile Hill

Tennis shoes up on the handle bars

Paying no mind to the passing cars

No doubts, no fears…

Randy Travis, Look Heart, No Hands (Trey Bruce & Russell Smith)

A certain amount of fear is a healthy thing in business. It can encourage us to do our homework and avoid some disastrous outcomes.

On the other hand, unreasonable fear can keep us from taking reasonable risks in pursuit of worthy goals.

I’ve met quite a few people who’ve dreamed of starting their own service businesses, such as consultancies or coaching practices. In some cases, they’ve stayed working for large organizations because it felt safer. But is it really safer?

When you go work for an established organization, there is a certain security. While you’re there, the paychecks keep coming. But, and it’s a big but, it can end very suddenly. Whereas with your own service business, if you develop a set of clients you can have a more diversified income stream.

Starting a consulting or coaching firm isn’t for everyone. Still, if it’s something you’ve wanted to do but fear is holding you back, ask yourself:

What could you accomplish if you dared?

Climbing with a Rope

You can reduce your risk in preparing and launching your business.  If you want some guidance in defining your strategy and preparing to do business, check out Rainwerks’ programs Start Me Up! and Packaged to Prosper.

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