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The Reluctant Barber

My first job after B-school was at GE’s hulking Bridgeport Works in Connecticut. Time came to get my first haircut in my new locale. I had seen a barbershop seven or eight blocks from the plant. It wasn’t the best

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Market Discovery – Not Only for Startups

“When you offer something and it doesn’t fly even after it’s messaged well, the market is sending you a signal to try something else.” Heard on ABC’s Shark Tank Wish I could recall which of the “shark” investors gave that

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Keeping Track of the Money in a Solo Service Business

Let’s say you’re launching a solo consulting or coaching practice. How can you budget and keep track of your revenue and expenses? When I started my consulting firm, I saw three choices if I wanted to have my act together

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Freedom From Fear

“Poor kids have nothing to lose and nowhere to go but up.” Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank, on why she loves backing entrepreneurs who grew up poor I remember how it used to feel Riding down old Two Mile Hill Tennis

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Fee Discovery

Consultants and coaches can make the mistake of viewing negotiation over fees as a win/lose, adversarial process. I’ve come to think of discussions about scope and fees as Fee Discovery—finding a combination of these that will work for both you and your client.

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Unpacking Your Services

“Nobody walks by Mountain Crossings without stopping. The combination hostel and gear store and hiker aid station sits quite literally on the Appalachian Trail. Each year, up to 2,000 thru-hikers drop in. Some just pause to grab spare batteries and

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A Cure for Overthinking

“Nation’s Overthinkers Convene To Determine What That’s Supposed To Mean” The Onion Sure, there’s much to think about when starting a knowledge-based solopreneur business, or adjusting course for your existing business. But a simple question can move you a long

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