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Market Discovery – Not Only for Startups

“When you offer something and it doesn’t fly even after it’s messaged well, the market is sending you a signal to try something else.” Heard on ABC’s Shark Tank Wish I could recall which of the “shark” investors gave that

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Unpacking Your Services

“Nobody walks by Mountain Crossings without stopping. The combination hostel and gear store and hiker aid station sits quite literally on the Appalachian Trail. Each year, up to 2,000 thru-hikers drop in. Some just pause to grab spare batteries and

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Fall in Love with the Problem You Solve

Don’t fall in love with your solution – fall in love with the problem you solve, says Brad Smith of Intuit. When it comes to attracting the interest of potential clients, I would add “Fall in love with messaging to

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Don’t be a Chameleon

“I’ve never seen a chameleon. Good job, chameleons.”                          @donni As a consultant or business coach, you would never intentionally blend into the background blur of images and information

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Find New Consulting Markets

In a poll, 88% of American adults considered themselves above-average drivers. I used to be one of them. San Francisco hills with a stickshift, LA freeways, NYC taxi derby, Boston’s competitive merges—no problem. When driving in other lands, however, my self-assessment might

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The Element of Surprise

At another company fifteen years ago, I needed to engage someone to design a marketing brochure and other collateral. Several small firms and soloists came in, presented their portfolios, and answered our questions. In all cases, the work they’d done

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